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Theory of (R)evolution

CLIENT: Northern Film and Media, UK Film Council

Written and Directed by: Mark Jobe and David Hails
Producer: Mark Jobe
Storyboard: Ross Cuthbert
Animation: Mark Jobe, David Hails, Ross Cuthbert
Editor: David Hails
Typography Design: David Hails and Bobby Colvin
Music and Sound Design: Paul Smyth for Testin’ Out Records
Additional Music and Sound Design: Red Room Music Composition
Script Editor: Gorel Hallstrom
Executive Producers: Helen Stearman and Paul Hewlett

WHAT WE DID: Story, Character Design, Animation, Compositing and Editing

TOR was the first time an animation had been funded in the history of Northern Film and Media’s Maxi Stinger Scheme.

This eight minute epic is a retelling of an aboriginal story of creation focussing on the struggle between nature and industrialization. We may have added the lamp posts firing skeleton head laser beams and the 300ft tall Killa Gorilla.